Solar Entrepreneurship Workshop

– In Association with Go Green Energies 


With the aim of creating more Entrepreneurs and jobs in Solar Industry, we are introducing a 3-Days Entrepreneurial Workshop In Solar Industry.

3 Days Workshop

Day 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Why & How to Start your own Company?
           Trainer BALDEV SINGH RAWAT, (Founder, Resume It Up)
           Points to be covered 
           a) Idea Generation, Idea Validation and Idea Protection
           b) Bootstrapping and M-B-A (Marketing, Branding, Advertising)
           c) Raising Funds, Scaling, Business model canvas and lean canvas.
           d) Idea, Business Idea, Business Plan and Business Model.
           e) 13 practical ways to think of business Ideas.
           f) 13 practical ways to validate your Idea
           g) 13 innovative Business models
           h) 13 points in Idea Protection
Day 2: Introduction to Solar Industry, Why you should start a company in Solar?
          Trainer RAVI SHANKAR, (Managing Director, Go Green Energy)
          Points to be covered 
          a) Start-Ups in Solar Industry
          b) Different Scales of Solar Plants
          c) Different electrical approach and outlook to solar energy
          d) Business opportunities
          e) MNRE subsidy
          f) EPC services for SPV plant
          g) Solar power plant Design, integration & technology
          h) International Market of Solar
Day 3: Domain Knowledge, Calculations, Case Study of Go Green Energy.
           Trainer RAVI SHANKAR, (Managing Director, Go Green Energy)
           Points to be covered
           a) Stand Alone Solar Street Light and Centrally Powered Type Street Light
           b) P.V. Cells & PV Modules technology
           c) About inverter technology basics
           d) Solar Mounting Structure & Design
           e) Other electrical accessories AC/DC design concepts
           f) Space optimization cell
           g) Decentralized solar power plant
           h) Off Grid PCU, Hybrid PCU and On Grid PCU / Grid-tie PCU
Duration: 5-6 Hours a Day.


Investment: Rs. 3000 per participant.
Early Bird: Rs. 2500 per participant.


Let’s help more people make a Career in Solar Industry.


Go Green

 Till Now We had started Our Day With Combustion,

Let’s Now Start Our Day With Generation
Go Green Energies 


In your City or College
If you are from
India, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Nepal or HongKong. 



If you are interested in attending our above-mentioned workshop, individually or in a group, please do write to us. So that we can share more information with you.

College Ambassador


Campus Ambassadors are trained students, who are available on-campus to help students get enrolled in the workshop. Campus Ambassadors help in organising the workshop in their colleges.

Online Ambassadors are also available to help students regardless of the university.

Campus Ambassadors get stipend and experience with other perks. Write down to us, if you want to help us organize the same workshop in your college.

Workshop Partner


Help us in organising, marketing, selling the workshop in your city or at other places. We share 20% of profits with our workshop partners.

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