High Impact Workshop



1. Draw your Future
Painting your goals on a Big Sheet of Paper. Benefits of writing a Career Goal and benefits of drawing a Career Goal.  What is wish? What are dreams? What are Goals? Why we don’t write career wish, career dream or career goals in our resume but we write career objective?
2. Pitch yourself
Marketing and selling our own skills to the people in need of the same. How To Sell Yourself In 30 Seconds And Leave People Wanting More. Questions like “tell me something about yourself” or “describe yourself” are generally meant to be ice-breakers. Most people tend to take them so seriously that instead of helping the interviewer to break the ice, they freeze! “About myself? Well, I…”
3. Introduction to 7 Types of Résumés
Résumé,  PPT-Résumé, Video-Résumé, Power-Résumé, Z- Cards, Euro CV, hResume
4. Mastery on Power Résumé
Building Resume, and not just writing it. It covers PPR Rule and FAB analysis. Understanding how ATS / TMS works.
5. Mastery on Cover Letter
Mastery on Cover Letter and Email Signature.  Having a world class résumé and being able to use it are completely two different things. This session will focus on ‘how to use your resume to get interviews’.  Having Inner-view before Interview.
6. Personal Website
A place where people can go to read about who you are, what you do, your goals and aspirations, and of course to contact you. With the advancement of technology like WordPress, building your own website is pretty easy nowadays. It is often advisable to build a website using your name as the domain name and turn that website into your digital resume to accelerate your career development.
7. Personal Branding
Personal Branding is the picture another person has of us. It can change, it can grow and it can occupy so much mind-space that we naturally become top of mind recall. Your Personal Brand is continually at work.  You can’t hide it.  It can work for you or against you.  Your Personal Brand can be a major asset in achieving your goals or it can be a tremendous liability that holds you back without you ever knowing why.
8. Social Media Job Hunting
How to use social media to get a job? Job hunting through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In 2014, According to Washington State University, utilizing social media has led to 1 of 6 job seekers finding employment.
9. LinkedIn Leveraging
LinkedIn is the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century and there are three main reasons why — media, partnerships and clients. LinkedIn comes with amazing tools like youniversity, alumni, sales navigator, recruiter, pulse etc.
10. Understanding Global Recruitment Trends
Comprehensive list of the corporate recruiting trends and predictions for 2015. Getting into shoes of recruiters and employers. Observing patterns. This session will focus on understanding and staying ahead of 2015 global recruiting trends.
11. Internships, Externships, Fellowships, Virtual Internships.
Database of live 20,000 Internships. An internship provides the opportunity to gain hands on work experience that you just can’t get in the classroom. First time job seekers and career changers aren’t usually desirable candidates, but companies are willing to train them as interns and give them the experience they would need to get a job.
12. Statement of Purpose
If you’re applying for a graduate program abroad, you’ll probably have to write a Statement of Purpose. It may be the most difficult—and most important thing you will ever write. Usually two or three pages in length, your Statement of Purpose can make or break your application. With a well-crafted Statement of Purpose you can persuade an admissions committee to accept you.
13. Local, National and International Job Hunting
Formulation and System development. There are more than 1000 job openings every day in every field. One should know how companies communicate their openings and also learn the skills to fix an interview with them.
14. Finding your Passion
Your passion is the reason you wake up in the morning, and just the thought of it can keep you up late with excitement. But not everyone knows exactly what his passion is right away. Now a day’s just getting a Ferrari is no more a cool life spent. A cool life spent is doing what you love doing. Introduction to World’s best jobs.



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