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Just attend our workshop and learn the art and science of getting International Internships.


Why we recommend Learning
How to get International Internships Anytime, Anywhere?

1) Getting an internship helps you avoid a “Vicious Circle”, which a lot of people get into.
Job Experience-01

You need experience to get a job…but you need a job to get experience.

2) Doing internships helps you in making your DESIRED RESUME for your DREAM JOB.


3) If your work is good, you can get a full-time work offer. Isn’t that great? 


So if you want to work with say General Electric or Google, why don’t you apply to their ínternship program (General Electric Internships, Google Internships) and work hard to get an offer letter, or reference letter or recommendation letter?

4) Sample Work, adds great depth in your job hunting process.


For example, Mr. Ram (10 years experience gardener), who talks about that he have worked with so and so person.
Mr. Shyam (fresher gardener) talks about his sample work (showing pictures of gardens he has done in his internship). 

5) People Hate their Jobs.
According to Gallop, worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work and according to a Scottish research maximum heart attacks in humans happens on Monday morning 9 am

Worlds Best Jobs

Internships are really like ‘dating’ before marrying your job. Internships save you from marrying a wrong job.

P.S. Do you know there are 59 Countries where Indians don’t need VISA. Do you want to fetch a quick internship over there?  

In this training, you will be getting a Live DATABASE of 20,000 Internships. 




In your City or College
If you are from
India, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Nepal or HongKong. 



If you are interested in attending our above-mentioned workshop, individually or in a group, please do write to us. So that we can share more information with you.

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